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TPO roofing is one of the most well-known commercial roofing materials installed by Leak Seal Roofing Inc. TPO is a single-ply roofing system membrane made up of synthetic and rubber materials. Installed in a single layer, TPO roofing material is an ideal solution for covering flat roof systems during new construction, restorations, and replacements.

If you’ve ever seen a large industrial building with a bright white roof, chances are it was a TPO roof system. The bright white appearance of TPO is one of the reasons it became such a popular roofing application. The natural, eco-friendly reflective nature of TPO roofing material helps buildings increase energy efficiency and lower their utility costs.

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Because it is a relatively new technology, TPO roofing installations should be handled by an experienced roofing company. Leak Seal Roofing’s expert team is trained and experienced on TPO roofing materials to ensure your roof installation is flawless.


Building owners get several benefits from having TPO membranes installed by Leak Seal Roofing. One of the most appealing features is how inexpensive TPO roofing material is. Along with lower roof costs, TPO roofing installations add value with an expected service life of 30 years. Manufacturer warranties can cover material and labor up to 30 years as well.

As mentioned above, TPO roofing membranes help lower energy use, but that is not the only environmentally friendly aspect. TPO roofing material is made from environmentally friendly products and is fully recyclable, too.

Because TPO roofing material is resistant, it helps prevent dirt, mildew, and algae accumulations and growth. That helps avoid tears and punctures, meaning you add value by preventing repairs in the long-run. It also resists corrosion and disintegration.

While white is the most common choice, brown and grey TPO roofing can be applied to your building as well.


Leak Seal Roofing technicians begin the TPO roofing installation process by cleaning the roof and removing any dirt and debris. This helps the singly-ply membrane better adhere to the substrate.

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After cleaning the substrate, an adhesive is applied to both the substrate and the TPO roofing material and left to rest until it has a tacky texture. Once the adhesive sticks to your finger, it is time to mechanically apply the TPO roof system, one sheet at a time. The membrane’s versatility also allows for TPO to be mechanically attached and ballasted.

After the sheets have been slightly overlapped, the seams are hot-air welded, which creates a permanent physical bond between two layers of roofing membrane. The hot-air welding process makes TPO roofing a great roofing product because it remains water-tight and pliable for decades after the original installation. Leak Seal Roofing’s team is certified by numerous material brands to ensure they follow each TPO roofing system’s best practices.

TPO roof systems are an excellent option for buildings that experience shifting, movement or settling because TPO roofing material is very flexible. It moves with your building without getting damaged.


If your roof has reached a point that a commercial roof restoration isn’t an option, Leak Seal Roofing provides industry-leading replacements.

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